Indosoft servers, then & now


The servers were all stacked on a table at the back of the main development room.  In the picture, the entire network infrastructure for the company is present.  There are 5 servers pictured:

  • On the left, hidden is indoserv, the mail e-mail and web server
  • On the left in front, is havana a dev/file server
  • On the right, in behind is paris, a spare server
  • On the right on front is london, the firewall
  • On the right, under london & paris is cairo, the dial-in server
  • To the right of the servers is a 700VA UPS, 16 port 10Mbps hub and the modem for cairo.
  • Temperature control was provided by the in-window air conditioner
  • A KVM was purchased shortly after this picture was taken

The only thing in that picture that is still in use is the table, which is now in Rajan’s office.

Compare it to today:

  • 2 cabinets (older machines are tower servers and are on the shelves to the left)
  • 8 UPSes
  • 20 servers
  • 2 16 port KVMs
  • 5 24 port Gigabit switches (most are in a small rack attached to the wall and not in this picture)
  • Temperature controlled by the 12,000 BTU mini split AC (we don’t have to worry about heating in the winter)