Asterisk based Contact Centers

I happened by chance to read an interesting blog on Asterisk Contact Centers which talks about call center solutions available for Asterisk. It was disappointing that the author made no mention of Q-Suite, Indosoft call center software for Asterisk.

For well over 6 years, Indosoft has been deploying Asterisk based contact center technology solutions, all over the world. Indosoft contact center technology platform has achieved major milestones in scaling, features and robustness. Q-Suite is a unique call center software ACD offering sophisticated features required for setting up inbound, outbound and blended contact centers. Asterisk is a ground breaking, feature-rich hybrid PBX. To setup superior contact centers matching or exceeding market leaders like Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Genesys and Mitel in features and capability, you will require a good ACD software like Q-Suite that can offer skills based routing, queue prioritization and a host of essential features required by modern day call centers. When you scale beyond a single server, the Q-Suite ACD will manage multiple telephony servers seamlessly. Robustness is critical to any mission critical application. Indosoft ACD offers call recovery for single point failures which protects your existing calls as well as future calls.