Reporting Real-time and Historical Contact Center performance for Workforce Management

Larger contact center operations require statistics and reports from the floor to determine productivity, staffing and performance. Modern Contact Center ACD and Dialers are software driven and should be capable of feeding real-time and historical data and reports to the Dashboards as well as Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions. Workforce Management software applications use real-time and historical contact center report data to optimize performance and increase productivity of the call center operations. This provides control over labor cost, increase the level and consistency of customer service, optimize employee utilization and maximize revenue generation. Management can make informed decisions by looking at key performance indicators generated from different real-time reporting sources within the contact center software.

Asterisk based contact centers can be scaled to accommodate large call centers and grow to hundreds of seats. This would necessitate the use of WFM solutions to properly manage the operations and ensure productivity. The software driving the ACD and the Dialer should provide a WFM integration module and feed detailed granular contact center performance data to eliminate countless hours of data entry.