Call Center Software for Cloud Infrastructure

There is growing company demand for services in the Cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It is driven by the lower start-up cost, on-demand growth and the availability of good quality infrastructure. More importantly, the shared service components lower the overall cost of technology management. Contact Centers are no exception and there is a growing demand for Cloud based contact center services driven by the availability of multi-tenant call center software.


For cloud service providers who provide infrastructure, connectivity and bandwidth, this presents an excellent opportunity to expand their portfolio with the ability to offer Contact center-as-a-Service (CaaS). On-demand contact centers offer the ability to provision services rapidly, minimize capital investment and scale with ease. Considering the complexity and cost associated with planning an on-premise contact center platform, this is a real value added service.


The impact of the powerful technology stack of Linux, MySQL, Apache and Asterisk on a cloud based contact center architecture is immense. Linux offers the the power of networking and distributed setup vital to Cloud. MySQL offers a powerful database engine and Apache is the dominat Web server. Asterisk brings power and flexibility required for a next generation VoIP enabled telephony platform. You can complete the technology platform with a multi-tenant call center software for Asterisk that offers functionality out-of-the-box and scales with growth.


A powerful call center software provides ACD and Dialer engine with contact management functionality. The ACD offers call control,  call routing, call management, CTI, IVR development tool and script building. The Dialer offers preview, predictive and progressive dialing. Admin interface should have web services API for clients to integrate into their applications.


Cloud based contact center on demand is a fertile field of opportunity that will see unprecedented growth for the obvious reasons. It eliminates in large measure the need for IT maintenance, software upgrades and capital expense of  hardware. It allows clients to scale their operations up and down. Asterisk driven Cloud based contact center setup will see explosive growth due to the availability of very high quality, low cost,  multi-channel, multi-tenant call center software.