Detailed CDR information for Asterisk based Contact Centers

Contact center reporting requirements are far more demanding than that of a PBX. It is the task of the contact center ACD to maintain a detailed cradle to grave reporting from a contact center perspective. When setting up Asterisk based contact centers, it is important to select a call center software capable of capturing and storing all the CDR details and associating them with the Call History. Let us look at some of the data points.


Every call or call leg should be identified with a unique id (UUID or UUIN) resulting in one entry in a CDR table. A call might or might not reach an agent. Once it enter the ACD through an IVR call flow, the call should be identified as such and tracked. When the call reaches an agent screen, this call should have an associated call history for the agent customer interaction. It is possible that the agent might cause the call to have multiple CDR records at this point because of additional call activities like re-dial, transfer etc. The call history is complete once an agent dispositions the call. At this point a call history may have association with one or more CDR records based on the agent customer interaction. Over a course of time we may have multiple call history records for a customer or a caller, depending upon how the system tracks its inbound or outbound calls.


There are event details for every CDR record that tracks events within a call like 3-way transfers and re-dials, capturing duration in microsecond details. Now you can see the number of associated tables and information growing to capture adequate information for a contact center reporting. Good reporting is possible only if the call center software can capture and store this level of detail for the CDR and call history. Q-Suite offers this detailed and granular call center reporting for Asterisk based Contact Centers.

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