Real time Monitoring and Supervisor Dashboards for Asterisk

Last updated: August 11, 2016

With the rapid adoption of Asterisk within the contact center industry, the demand for real time reporting and powerful supervisor dashboard is stronger than ever. Though the built-in call center ACD within Asterisk is very good, it not meant to be a replacement for the heavy lifting that a call center software will provide.

These advanced contact center software for Asterisk provide granular reporting data for both real-time and historical view of the activities within a contact center. Typical real-time call center monitoring consists of Queue and Agent wall-boards as well the ability to snoop and listen to live conversations.

Queue wallboard provides a quick view of:

  •  the number of callers waiting at a given time,
  • the current average and maximum wait time,
  • number of agents logged into different skill-sets of the ACD,
  • status of each agent,
  • Service level and Abandonment rate for the queues.

An agent wallboard is a quick indicator of every agent’s current state and overall stats from the beginning of the session.

Q-Suite for Asterisk is a call center ACD software that provides cradle to grave reporting with granular details over and above the real time wall boards. Its extensive data logging can provide insight into the overall functioning of the contact center and identify areas of improvement for productivity gain. These same data can be piped to any Workforce Management Software for forecasting and planning.