High Availability SIP Proxy within Q-Suite ACD

Q-Suite started out as a Call Center ACD designed for Asterisk based contact centers. Today, Q-Suite 5.7 has evolved into a mature, robust and sophisticated ACD capable of supporting mission critical deployment through its powerful High Availability module. Q-Suite based deployments offer both High Availability and Call Survival through an elaborate Overseer Watchdog mechanism.

A built-in SIP proxy within this patent pending Call Survival mechanism of Q-Suite offers additional capabilities like SIP over TCP. Even though UDP is preferred for SIP for the obvious reason of having a mechanism tolerant to packet losses, SIP over TCP with its reliable and connection oriented protocol is preferred on occasions. Now Q-Suite offers both SIP over UDP and TCP and provides a  robust ACD to deploy Asterisk based systems.

Technology changes usher new products that dramatically lower cost. This trend is visible in the domain of Call Center ACD and telecommunications. The shift introduced by Asterisk in VoIP telephony is the driving force behind the development and evolution of a sophisticated mission critical ACD from Q-Suite.