Q-Suite’s High Availability SIP Proxy offers load balancing

Large call centers require multiple Asterisk servers in a cluster to handle the call volume. Load balancing will allow distribution of calls within the Asterisk cluster. The High Availability Sip Proxy within Q-Suite is designed to provide load balancing as well. It will distribute the incoming calls to the different Asterisk servers in the cluster which are the media server for voice traffic. Q-Suite’s Call Center ACD can scale to multiple Asterisk servers and manage call queues and distribution, irrespective of the media server associated with the call. This allows Q-Suite to offer skills based routing for large contact centers where the call volume transcends beyond a single server to multiple Asterisk servers.

The High Availability Q-Suite allows seamless transition from an active Proxy to a state synchronized standby Proxy, triggered by the Overseer Watchdog mechanism which provides the monitoring and decision making capability for Q-Suite. The monitoring mechanism is geared towards identifying possible disruption to calls and the decision making mechanism handles all the aspects of transitioning to a standby. The overall system is a part of Q-Suite’s call survival mechanism available for special mission critical systems.