Web Callback within Multi-Channel ACD

Company web-sites provide a unique opportunity to gather expression of interest or inquiries and channel it directly to the sales and marketing operations. This is an excellent source for warm prospects and should be accorded higher priority than the outbound campaign sales operations. In a multi-channel contact center with ACD and Dialer, Web callbacks are unique. Even though they will result in outbound calls, they can be prioritized and channeled through both list based based dialing as well as Skills based Routing to the most appropriated available agent for an immediate callback.

In the case of outbound list based dialing, the Dialler either in predictive or preview mode dials the prospective customer records, based on the prioritization within the list. There are definite ways to inject leads into the top of the list to be called by the next available agent.
On the other hand, if there is a desire to get the most suitable available agent to call the lead, then it needs to be injected into a queue with the appropriate skills, very similar to an inbound call. Skills are nothing but tags and agents are automatically logged into all the queues for which they have appropriate skills. When a lead (or a call) comes into a queue, the agent with the highest skill level will get the call. In the case of a blended setup, the first available agent with the skills will get the lead. Assigning higher priority to inbound queues will ensure that the web lead is called right away.
During the process of setting up the web callback lead insertion, the web site design should include adequate filters (drop-down selections) to funnel the inquiry as a lead into the most appropriate queue. Skills based routing is the most effective way to ensure that skilled agents handle inquiries.