Visual IVR Builder for Q-Suite ACD

A Visual IVR Builder is an essential part of any call center ACD. The Visual Dialplan Builder within Q-Suite 5.7 allows the user to create and rapidly deploy multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) applications at ease. It is a visual call flow builder with icons to provide a graphical flow of the call. The sophisticated IVR and call distribution functions within the Builder allows vertical and horizontal call-flow development with the ability to transfer control to different pages with the IVR. It also offers revision management.

The call center software in Q-Suite 5.7 offers skills based routing for all queues including Chat, Email, Web Callback and regular inbound voice calls. When a voice call lands on a DID, it may be directed into a queue based on the the call flow developed using the Visual IVR Builder. Non-voice calls are inserted into different queues through an API. All Queues have skills which are tags that identify attributes required for handling the calls in the queue. Queues also have priority. Similarly, all agents have skills with an associated skill level. When calls are waiting and an agent becomes available, queue priority dictates the order of call distribution. On the contrary, when agents are waiting and a call comes in, the skill level dictates call distribution.

The IVR can be effective in processing channel and call variables that can be passed on to the agent along with the call. This allows Web based agent applications to open the right customer page when the call is delivered to an agent. The introduction of TTS (Text to Speech) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) libraries within the Dialplan Builder can help automate customer interaction and reduce customer wait-time.

Powerful tools like the Visual Dialplan & IVR Builder greatly simplify the task of migrating large contact center operations to Asterisk clusters using Q-Suite 5.7.