Language support and Localization for Asterisk based Multi-tenant Cloud Contact Centers

Cloud offering of call center software and infrastructure as a service, catering to on-demand growth,  has greatly simplified the task of setting up a call center operation. Personal computer (PC) and adequate bandwidth are the minimum requirements to get started. Cloud service providers deploying Asterisk based contact centers around the world, take advantage of the language support and localization capabilities within Asterisk.
For larger deployments, the contact center software will manage multiple Asterisk servers. In the case of multi-tenant deployment, the call center ACD may have to support different languages for different tenants. For example, any cloud service setup for Europe as a multi-tenant contact center, will require to support different languages out of the same installation from the get go. The self service requirements which are critical to the scaling of  the cloud contact center deployments, offer user interfaces that are highly GUI driven.

Some contact center software offer language support and localization for Cloud based multi-tenant contact centers, out-of-the-box. This requires a greater level of sophistication in the software to handle language pack and sound files individually for different tenants within the contact center ACD. A true multi-tenant setup spans over multiple servers without dedicating separate Asterisk servers individually to each tenant. Using Asterisk as the underlying telephony platform definitely is a great advantage for setting up  feature-rich, multi-tenant, call center solutions in the cloud. It is a given that more and more service providers will migrate to Asterisk to offer distributed cloud based contact center services.