Smooth and Flexible Script Building for Call Center ACD using TinyMCE

Script building can be a long, cumbersome, tedious process for contact center ACD administrators. While some agent scripts might be limited to a few pages with only a few components per page, other scripts may be dozens of pages with dozens of components contained within each page. As the length of the script grows and the number of components increases, the person responsible for building the scripts may begin to lose interest, which could lead to errors in the script, causing an increase in the troubleshooting and validation periods for any type of QA that may be performed prior to rolling out a campaign into production. With the integration of TinyMCE into the Q-Suite’s powerful script builder, the monotony of the script building process should be vastly alleviated.

TinyMCE is an open source web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control. It is platform independent, and has the ability to morph HTML TEXTAREA fields and other HTML elements to editor instances. Using this robust module, the textareas in the script components are transformed into fully-fledged, fully-featured text editors, which resemble common forms of word processors, forum comment entry boxes, and blogging sites.

One of Indosoft’s main goals is to improve the user experience, especially when it comes to the front end client facing interface. With the fusing of the user-friendly open source TinyMCE product to the Q-Suite’s script builder, building and editing script content is more fluid and feature-rich. In prior iterations, if scripts required any type of modifications, such as font colors or bolded text, the user would have been required to manually enter the HTML markup tags to the textarea. Now, with the added flexibility of TinyMCE, any and all of these edits are possible with the click of a button.