Ease of trying Q-Suite Call Center software

When choosing software for your contact center, one important aspect is the feature list.  You will already have an idea of the functionality you need, and can see the products feature list on their marketing material.  A demo or two can be seen, and then the decision to buy or not buy is made.

One thing that often occurs, however, is that those in charge of making the decision about which contact center software to buy have an imperfect understanding of how the software will be used, and those who will be using it haven’t made their needs well understood.  Such gaps can occasionally be addressed by having multiple groups experience a demonstration of the feature set themselves.

With Q-Suite providing a multi-tenant contact center, it’s quite easy for Indosoft to set up an evaluation tenant and give access to your team.  Those doing the work can get hands-on with the Visual IVR builder, experiment with the WYSIWYG Script builder, investigate all the components needed to make your campaign a success.  If you bring a SIP trunk along, you can send and receive test calls as well, allowing for a full evaluation on your schedule.  This helps eliminate misunderstandings and saves you time.