Housing a Contact Center ACD on a Hosted Platform

As mentioned in a prior post about softphones, cutting the initial startup costs of a contact center can be a crucial step in getting your operation off the ground. While some may find it favourable to buy, maintain, and store their own server hardware in a nearby location or even on site, this might not always be possible due to the relatively enormous costs of purchasing and housing said hardware. This is where hosted platforms come into play.

A hosted platform, commonly referred to platform as a service, is a type of cloud computing service that provides the network, storage, and servers for the customer. The beginning costs of a hosted service are typically far less expensive than it would be to purchase all of the required hardware from a vendor. The hosted equipment is also maintained and monitored by the platform’s experts, which will remove any overhead from your IT staff.

Indosoft’s Q-Suite product has had great success in using hosted platforms. With this in mind, the hosted platform VitalVox has chosen Q-Suite as its contact center ACD. The dynamic monthly pricing model allows for expansion and reduction of desired services depending of the needs of your contact center. As the landscape of the contact center world can shift at any time, having the flexibility to increase or decrease your available resources on a monthly basis can be a huge benefit to the bottom line of your business.