The Real Meaning of Call Survival

With Q-Suite’s HAASIPP our product now features Call Survival. This is often confused with Call Recovery and the terms then used interchangeably.

To understand what Call Survival really means lets look at an example. Starting off with a caller connected over a SIP trunk and ultimately connected to an agent. The diagram below shows a simplified setup with the communication path as follows:


With this communication path in place what happens if there is a failure that takes out the Asterisk Server 1?

What happens for Call Recovery:

  • Call drops and the agent has to re-establish the call.
  • Bad experience for the caller as they may assume the agent hungup on them.

What happens for For Call Survival:

  • Call path is moved to Asterisk Server 2.
  • If needed internal nailup is re-established to agent device. This only required if nailup was on failed box also.
  • Good experience for the caller as they continue same conversation without knowing a failure happened.

With Call Survival the communication path now looks like this:


This patented Call Survival feature of the Q-Suite platform allows for a better customer experience when the unexpected happens.