The Rapid IVR Development Tool for Call Center ACD

The ability to create and deploy an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a must for modern contact centers. An IVR handles the voice or keypad response of a caller. One rapid IVR development tool is a visual dialplan builder that allows the building of a sophisticated IVR using graphical icons representing the extensive IVR functionality required for a contact center ACD, within a drag and drop framework. A good Visual IVR builder tool can allow one to fulfill even the most demanding call flow requirements with ease and precision.

An effective IVR increases efficiency and reduces customer wait times. It comes with a large library of functions within an intuitive visual tool to build call-flows to leverage both data and technology for better customer management. For example, for effective call handling and distribution, an IVR can interact with the contact center databases to identify priority callers, retrieve caller data, and associate parameters to incoming calls. It can also increase efficiency and reduce customer wait-times using Text to Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies. When designed properly, it is meant to enhance customer experience and produce business value. Quality improvement can start by asking live customers to participate in a satisfaction survey at the end of the call where the caller can rate the service through an IVR.

Asterisk is a dominant hybrid PBX and market leader. It provides the most comprehensive programmatic interface and scripting tool available for a modern VoIP phone system. When Asterisk is deployed with a call center ACD, the complexity increases since multiple Asterisk servers are scaled to handle the appropriate call volume. For this, the Visual IVR builder has to be integral to the contact center software to impact all the Asterisk servers.

The visual dialplan builder within the Q-Suite ACD for Asterisk offers a powerful next generation call flow and dialplan building tool. With a simple drag and drop interface, this tool provides business users with an efficient mechanism to build robust IVR applications within minutes.