High Availability for Large Asterisk based contact centers

Cloud based call center software cater to very large systems. Asterisk is by far the most widely used telephony platform. As a natural evolution, the use of Asterisk in both Cloud and large premise based installations have come a long way. Technology for call center software is to some extent driven by the ‘assemble and build’ mode where various accessory technology element available in software form come together to deliver the final solution. Call center software depends on the underlying PBX technology and other technologies for web, database, SIP, and redundancy.

Redundancy and High Availability (HA) for data systems does not have the complexity associated with providing a fail-over mechanism in voice telephony where the two telephone end points of an established call need to be re-connected. In most cases, HA for a VoIP system is the immediate availability of a redundant system. The growth of VoIP based voice telephony has presented a opportunity that has been well exploited in the call survival mechanism embodied in Q-Suite HA. The contribution of Asterisk in such advancements is immense as it allows the developers of the call center software to focus on these frontiers by doing the heavy lifting necessary in SIP, digital telephony, and interoperability.

A large Asterisk based contact center in the cloud or in customer premise will have many Asterisk, Web, and Database servers under the control of the call center ACD. Applying call recovery and initiating call survival requires a more complex and robust system that can manage fail-overs without the loss of on-going calls. The redundancy offered through call survival driven High Availability for Asterisk contact centers offers the reliability for mission critical implementations in VoIP.