Connecting Agents to the Call Center ACD

When using an Asterisk based ACD product, agents will require a registered device to interact with the call center software in order to properly take and make calls. This post will outline some of the options available to use in the Q-Suite.

Softphones are lightweight applications that run on the agent’s local workstation. These are found in free varieties, but there are also paid for versions. The softphone account is configured to match an extension that can be created in the administration portion of the contact center software.

VoIP hardphones are also viable options. Still very common in the call center landscape, these phones can be configured in a few ways, assuming they are reachable on the internal network of the center. Some models have easy to use web interfaces, whereas some rely on some form of auto-provisioning.

External devices, such as a mobile phones or hardphones that are not reachable internally, can be used. These types of devices simply require the phone number of the device and a valid VoIP gateway that allows for the numbers to be dialed externally. This flexibility allows for agents to work from home, or even be on the move using their mobile phones.

The days of agents using physical hardware as their only method of communication in a call center are long gone.