Philips Hue light bulbs can replace expensive LED wallboards

LED wallboards are expensive. In many cases, mounting a large LCD TV isn’t possible due to load restrictions or viewing angle. In many cases, most of the information on the wallboard isn’t even necessary, the agents just need to know how full the queue is. That can easily be indicated with a colour. LED wallboard systems cost thousands of dollars, a Philips Hue “mood light” kit with three bulbs costs $200. Indosoft’s Q-Suite can drive the lights with a very minimal amount of programming by listening to the event broadcaster. Lights can be programmed separately or tied together so they can be seen by more employees.

There’s a caller in the magenta queue

At Indosoft, we have the lights connected to our support queue.  In our case, we were able to install them directly into the track lighting. When no callers are in the queue, they are white and look like any other bulb on the ceiling. When a call comes into the queue, they change colour, depending on which queue they land in. Once the call has been answered, they immediately change back to white. We even installed one of them in the lunchroom so our support techs can enjoy their lunch away from their desk.

As the “Internet of Things” expands, we will strive to make our Q-Suite APIs work with whatever else can be controlled over the Internet.