Czy mówisz po polsku? Labels and Languages in Call Center Software

Czy mówisz po polsku? I’m hoping I can trust the Internet enough that this is a reasonable question to ask. Google confirms it is, and if you can’t trust Google for good information, then who can you trust?

In most cases, the default names for things that are used by your call center software are reasonable, and designed to avoid confusion. Sometimes, however, labels wind up causing confusion when the label matches a term that is already in common use in the call center in another context. In other cases, you might find that some agents are simply confused, and a name change can ease the confusion. For instance, you might wish that the “Hold” button said “Put Caller On Hold” or something similar. Depending on the interface the agents are using, this might be something that can be done manually. However, your software should allow you to identify a label and change the name that is presented to agents. Your software provider doesn’t work daily with your agents, so you are a better choice as an arbiter of names of things.

Taken a step further, it makes sense that languages should also be configurable by the call center. Often local variations in dialect will mean that a standard translation is a bit confusing. Call center software should allow the administrators to define their own translations for elements of the screens. Many languages use a right -to-left format rather than the left-to-right that is most common in the western world, and such support is also a requirement of any software that has to support multiple languages.

Q-Suite has long supported editing of labels and the specification of languages. Furthermore, agents are able to select from all the languages that are defined when they log in, so that the interface they’re using can be set to match the language they will be using. Not having to stumble through translating the interface, or having to check their notes to find the “Transfer” button saves time and eases the burden on the agent, making the experience better for the client.