White and Gold or Blue and Black?

As internet users, we were all exposed to one of the most ridiculous debates of all-time a short while ago: Is the dress white and gold or blue and black? It was (clearly) blue and black. However this leads me into my next topic. As a user of contact center ACD software, what do I see? Let’s talk a bit about privileges.

In the Q-Suite, a top level administrator has the ability to set, create, and define web privileges. A user’s web privilege simply controls the list of admin portal pages that that user type will have access to when they log in to the portal.

There are default privileges in place out of the box. These labels can be edited as desired as perhaps your call center may not use these specific terms. Here they are:

  • Tenant
  • Administrator
  • Team Supervisor
  • Reports User
  • Agent
If you take a brief look at the names, it’s abundantly clear that a Tenant will have more freedom to navigate and will experience fewer restrictions than an Agent. It’s also entirely possible that you do not even want agents to have access to the admin portal. In this case, the Agent privilege would have an empty set of web pages assigned.
These five options may not suit all of your needs, which is why you can also create custom privileges. Do you have a set of users whose only function is to create IVRs using the dialplan builder? Create a Dialplan Editor privilege and only assign the exact pages needed for access to the IVR builder. How about a particular employee whose job is to create lead templates and upload leads using these templates? Assign those specific pages to a newly created privilege and that person can work away.
Controlling who sees what in your operation may sound like a trivial feature, but it is incredibly effective. If you want your center to run as smoothly as possible, you certainly do not want under qualified staff members clicking on links and buttons that they do not understand.
It was clearly blue and black.