Save Money, Do More With Asterisk-based Call Center Software

You can no longer doubt that Asterisk is here to stay in the telecommunications world. Over the last decade, the rate of adoption has been skyrocketing. Call centers are no longer complaining about Asterisk-based solutions, or worrying about having to have an Asterisk expert on-hand. With Asterisk providing a platform for contact center ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) solutions to sit on, you can transition from a legacy system to one built on readily available and mature software.

One of the benefits of Asterisk is that it provides a way to migrate your call center to IP telephony. When buying a proprietary ACD system, you have to realize that the underlying switching solution is a big part of the upfront cost. Asterisk gives you a telephony platform that has been deployed and used by millions of users worldwide. At a cost of free, Asterisk can give you immediate savings. When you consider its ability to run on free operating systems on commodity servers, the savings add up.

Proprietary switches and ACD software built on top of them are struggling to keep up. Asterisk can add, test, and deploy changes faster than the proprietary switches, and the gap is increasing. Any contact center software and next-generation ACD using Asterisk is going to give you that leg up in performance and features.

Once the telephony side is taken care of, business applications and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems can be developed and allowed to evolve. You need a system that gives you timely and actionable information that you can use to manage your client interactions. CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) allows you to integrate ACD and call control into your business systems. This ensures that business systems and CRM drive your telephony interactions with clients, not the other way around.

Indosoft’s Q-Suite is a fully functional, feature rich call center system built on Asterisk. After a decade of experience with Asterisk, it can give you the dialer and ACD that your business deserves. A web-based agent interface comes with the system. External interfaces and libraries are available for you to integrate your own systems into the Q-Suite. This allows you to pull CTI functionality into your existing systems, or to create new applications.