Your Call Center MVP

Your MVP has been a topic of discussion in startups and small business for a few years now. The phrase usually means “minimum viable product” – the smallest set of features and functionality that can get you off the ground and have customers buying your product. There’s an MVP for your call center as well.

If you’re just starting a call center, or even just a business that will shortly require a customer service contact center, you must be thinking about the minimum feature set. Don’t get caught up in what you’re going to need in two or three years. If you choose the right contact center software, all the features you need will be available.

What do you need now?

  • A way to connect agents. They don’t need to be centrally located. Distributed agents can work. You can decide if there are efficiencies to centralization after you’ve been going for awhile.
  • Call center software that can scale with you, but won’t cost a fortune up front. Big costs can kill a venture before it gets going.
  • The features to handle agent scripting, inbound call routing, and a number of features for the same price.

A lot of times we spend so much time working on things we think we’ll need, without actually testing and verifying that we do. Do you need workforce integration on day 1? You can have it, but it’ll distract you from actually handling customers, and with 5 agents it’s more important to make sure the phones ring, right? You think you need racks and an IT staff? That’s an expensive option to jump to without seeing if you can do it in the Cloud.

Once everything is going well, everything you need is going to be there. The advanced features you need in your contact center software. The enterprise-grade Cloud infrastructure. But don’t delay getting started. You can get a demo and free trial of world class call center software here: Free Demo of Q-Suite Cloud