Apple Watch or Samsung Gear? Get More Mobile!

Smart watches and wearable technology aren’t entirely new, however I’m sure that there are millions of people eagerly awaiting the release date of the Apple Watch. The Samsung Gear has been in the wild for a bit already, but there’s always going to be that dividing line of Apple/non-Apple users, so now both sides will have options. How can we relate this to a call center?

Not every contact center requires the same types of options. In fact, almost every center will require something that another center does not. For this particular blog, let’s talk about mobile agents. When I say mobile, I mean that the agents aren’t necessarily going to be tied to a specific workstation where they will interact with the call center software via a web browser and some type of phone, whether it’s a physical device or an application running on the workstation. These types of agents are certainly not the norm in the call center universe.
Let’s take a taxi company for an example, where the drivers are classified as agents. Clearly these agents are not going to be looking at computer monitor as they accept calls. Using the Q-Suite, we can configure a mobile login mechanism that will allow them to accept inbound calls without relying on an agent web portal. Many newer model vehicles have some type of Bluetooth or wireless capability but it’s a bit unreasonable to think that a driver will be in the car for the entirety of the shift. When the driver doesn’t have access to the features of the vehicle, the phone itself could be used or they could rely on a headset of some type without having to fiddle with the phone. Introducing the watch, while it might be overkill, is just another iteration in the technology we can leverage to stay connected.
It can be tough to stay current on all of the emerging technology that is being developed and released. Just keep in mind that this technology most definitely can have real life value for your call center, depending on what your requirements are.