Game of Thrones Episodes Leak! How to Prevent a Similar Event in your Contact Center

On the weekend the first four episodes of Game of Thrones Season 5 had been leaked on the web. It appears that the leaks were made by a person or group on HBO’s list of approved recipients. HBO is assessing the leak and will deal with it as they see fit. The task of avoiding spoilers for the four episodes is going to be fairly tough, I think, but if you’re a watcher of the series, I sincerely hope we can all stay spoiler-free.

This brings up an interesting situation. Even though the breach was done by an authorized person, once that person is identified, they will most certainly be removed from the list. Essentially they will have their privilege level lowered or completely revoked. Let’s talk about controlling privileges in the Q-Suite.

In the contact center ACD, it is imperative that privilege levels and user access are tightly controlled by someone, be it a System Administrator or the Tenant. From the perspective of the admin portal, you do not want a reporting user to have access to the Campaigns page, which allows for numerous critical settings to be altered. SIP trunking should never be handled by anyone other that the System Administrator, so that page should be off limits to all other users. Leveraging the Q-Suite’s Admin Pages and Web Privilege features allows you to customize the user experience by restricting or allowing pages to be hidden or seen depending on the user privilege. You can also create new privileges if you desire.

By using the available configuration options for your users, you can help to maintain the stability of your contact center ACD by only allowing the proper personnel the access to the proper pages. Even if a malicious event is not blatantly caused by a user, it’s a much safer route to travel if the event is not possible for them to trigger in the first place.

I’m going to link the opening credits below because it’s phenomenal.