Get All Agents on the Same Page: Use Scripts to Access Your Issue Tracking System

We’ve looked at Q-Suite’s script builder before and how easy and flexible it can be for creating agent scripts. While the script feature is typically used to build the proper flow for the agent-customer interaction, which may involve data gathering by the agent, it can be used in in different ways. Let’s explore how we can use the script builder to merge agent scripting and issue tracking on the same page.

For this case, we can build an agent script that contains a single component. This component allows the builder to specify an external url which will open the url in the component and will act as a self-contained pseudo-web browser. What this essentially means is that you can embed a second web browser instance into the actual browser instance, so that you can access two completely different urls at the same time. In this particular situation, we have the agent using the web portal for the contact center ACD software, while also being free to navigate the script component’s site, which would be the issue tracking software.

Using this type of functionality, agents can freely navigate within the realm of the issue tracker without the need to create a new browser tab or separate window. The ability to stay on the page, while doing issue tracking and contact center ACD related tasks can greatly improve productivity.

The effectiveness of this method has also been detailed in another blog post. Please have a look!