Your Call Center on the Go

Around the turn of the century, it was common to see websites suggesting “Best viewed in 800×640” or some other suggested resolution. As if the user had a choice of screen resolution when moving from site to site. It may have been a form of bragging: “Our site is so fancy you need a pretty good system to enjoy it.”

That line of thinking is sinking fast. This past spring, even Google called shenanigans and said that sites not offering a good mobile experience would have their rankings affected.  This is due to the large and ever-growing use of mobile devices to access the web. Almost half of all searches on Google in the latter half of 2014 were on mobile devices.

Tablets and phones are everywhere, making it easier to look something up or hit a web page where you are with your mobile rather than going back to your computer. This is also happening in the call center. A few years ago, the solution was a mobile version of the website. This isn’t an ideal solution for a few reasons:

  • It requires a separate URL for mobile devices
  • The separate pages may have different functionality
  • Redirects can cause issues where a mobile user is unable to get to the page they want

Using Responsive Design is a much better solution. A page that adapts to the device you’re using, rather than suggesting you try a different device, is much more responsive to the user, and provides a better way for the developer to properly present the content. In this way, the text on the page can be resized, buttons and dropdowns can be presented in a more accessible manner, and menus can be tucked away, accessible but hidden until needed.

Our Q-Suite 6 has been designed to be the new face of call center technology. As such, responsive design is central. This gives you a web interface that looks like an app specifically designed for the device you’re using.

When the call center application interface is mobile friendly, your call center managers are no longer tied to their desktops. The ability to quickly pull up a report or listen to a call recording from anywhere is invaluable. With a responsive page, you can bring up the right link in a way that makes sense to you. You can still share your bookmarks between devices, or Skype a manager a link and know that they, too, will be able to see what you’re pointing them at.