Keeping Minions Under Control: Quality Monitoring Tools for Your Contact Center ACD

Those little yellow characters from the Despicable Me movies are getting their own stand alone film and it’s out this weekend. If you are like me, you find them absolutely hilarious and chuckle every time you see them do anything, so the film should be highly entertaining I would think. They can go a little off the rails at times if you don’t keep them under control and the same behavior has a possibility of occurring at your contact center, with less than hysterical results. Here are a few tools you can use to help limit those events in the contact center.

  • Call Monitoring – Using Q-Suite’s monitoring features, supervisors can listen and/or whisper on desired calls. This can be used as a tool to aid in training or as a method to coach an agent in real-time while they are on a call. Listening can also be a solid way to gauge an agent’s performance.
  • Live Wallboards – Reporting tools such as live wallboards can give admins and supervisors a broad overview of what is happening on the floor at that moment. Agent states can be tracked, so if agents are not working in a desired fashion, it’s fairly easy to see and the behavior can be addressed as needed.
  • Call Recordings – If live monitoring is not desired at all times, call recordings can be accessed and assessed for quality, performance, and training purposes. A customer calls in and is irate about the quality of service they received on a previous call? Go have a listen to the call recording to see what was the case. Corrective measures may need to be taken in some instances.
Live monitoring and historical reports certainly do not always need to be used to correct poor agent behavior and are powerful tools to analyze agent metrics, both positive and negative. Having these methods and records available are just a few ways that can help improve the performance of your contact center.
Closing out, check out the trailer for the Minions movie. Try not to laugh. I don’t think it’s possible. Enjoy!