Small Tweaks Can Make a Big Impact for Usabilty

Mouse clicks. It’s no secret that reducing mouse clicks makes life easier for users. The fewer times you need to hear ‘click-click-click’ in the run of a day, the better off we all are. How did a relatively small tweak in the Q-Suite make a big impact for users?

This topic is going to mainly benefit the folks who are responsible for some type of quality or training, in reference to agents and how they are handling customers. In this role, listening to call recordings is a crucial component to ensuring that both you and the agents are properly doing their jobs. This would mean that you would navigate to the listen to recordings page, perform your search by entering any and all relevant filters, and then clicking on a Listen link that would initiate a download of the audio file.

You’d save the file and then click on the completed download to listen to the recording. The recording would also still reside on your file system, which may not be desirable. Not anymore.

With some crafty development work and a bit of HTML5, the recordings page fully supports playing the audio files with a single mouse click and does not require any downloading whatsoever. The controls will also remember your place in the recording itself if you happen to pause the file.


This seemingly minor change greatly streamlines the ability to listen to historical calls and can significantly improve the way that you monitor your call center.