Testing and Monitoring With Live Data

When you’re trying something new, like testing a web service or getting data from your dialplan, it’s important to be able to ensure the data you expect is where it’s supposed to be and in the form you expect.

The Q-Suite offers many historical and live reports. Call centers in more than 25 countries around the world use these to monitor agents live, watch their queues in real time, and pull data and recordings from each call their agents process. Sometimes, though, you need to see what information is actually present and available to the agent session in the middle of the call. You might be doing some testing, analysis, or trying to trace missing data from the source to destination.

The “Cache Dump” system report gives you visibility into what data has been collected and is available to the agent screen, whether it’s displayed on the agent screen or not. If you queried a web service and the conditions aren’t triggering as you expect, you can check the cache dump to see what value(s) you did get back. If a piece of data was supposed to be set in the dialplan, you can see whether or not it was. Even better, you don’t need to present test or dummy data, or interrupt the agent to see this. The admin interface provides the functionality, and since this data is stored in the cache of the web server, it is available.

Like any good call center software system, Q-Suite provides a number of system reports that allow you to monitor calls, data, and even database usage live. It’s one more set of tools to give you the ability to ensure your system is working correctly.