More Storage Needed! Ways to Increase Your Contact Center’s Capacity

We’re heading on a bit of a vacation this weekend. I needed to install the roof rails and cargo carrier on the vehicle because we just don’t have enough room in the trunk area for all the things we will be bringing. More storage was necessary so we made the adjustment. You may have to make a few adjustments as well in your contact center in order to increase the amount of accessible storage space.

First off, let’s get ahead of ourselves and incorporate large hard drives for the servers in your contact center ACD. Physical disks are fairly inexpensive now and there’s no real reason to skimp on those. Having an abundance of disk space is a much more favourable ‘problem’ than needing to have an emergency deletion of old logs and files in order to free up disk space so that your contact center ACD can actually function.

Call recordings. Depending on the call volumes your contact center may experience, recordings can rapidly consume your hard drive space on your Asterisk servers, even if you take the first point to heart. A few things you may want to consider would be a dedicated, high disk capacity recording server (like OrecX), an NFS mounted drive that will store the recordings, or having an automated script that could copy recordings from the Asterisk server to a cloud-based storage instance (like Amazon S3).

Finally, you may need to increase the RAM totals on your servers if your contact center ACD starts growing and the active amount of RAM just is not cutting it. The pool of memory that is available is particularly important for web and database servers. If your web and database servers are running with a lower than recommended amount of RAM, your agents will be impacted heavily, as their agent portals will be sluggish and any types of database operations will take longer to process. RAM is also relatively inexpensive, so this is a low cost option when compared to the big picture.

“More is better” can potentially be a bad overall train of thought in real life, but as far as storage capacity in your contact center ACD is concerned, it should almost be a golden rule.