Windows 10 Upgrade Completed! Three Major Reasons to Upgrade Your Contact Center

I upgraded my work laptop this week using the Windows 10 app from Microsoft. I haven’t used it much yet, so I cannot comment one way or the other on whether or not I consider it to be an actual upgrade from Windows 7 (I completely avoided Windows 8), but time will tell. Speaking of upgrades, here are three major reasons why you should work with your contact center ACD vendor to upgrade your software.

  1. New Features – Newer major versions of software will always have new features. Some features may be incredibly and instantly useful for your contact center ACD, some you may not even need or use, and some will be features you didn’t even know you wanted but now you have it.
  2. Bug Fixes – Every piece of software has bugs. Deal with it. If you are running on an old piece of contact center software, bugs can potentially be harmful to your day-to-day operations. Check with your vendors to see if a newer version of the contact center software contains bug fixes that are specific to your use case.
  3. Performance and Stability Enhancements – These types of enhancements are always important to have in newer versions. They make the contact center software run smoother and consume fewer resources, which is always a benefit if you are not necessarily ready to also upgrade your hardware.
Staying up to date with your software can help your contact center ACD continue performing in an efficient manner, especially if you plan on keeping the system on the same hardware. Upgrading can be exciting in real life, like when going from 70Mbps 250GB capped internet service to a 100Mbps unlimited service, and should definitely apply to how you manage your contact center.