Destiny: The Taken King Patch’s Painfully Long Download Time and Trying to Avoid Bottlenecks in Your Contact Center ACD

So there was a massive 18GB patch released this Tuesday by Bungie to prepare everyone’s Destiny instance for the arrival of The Taken King on September 15th. I started my download at approximately 6pm local time. It had not completed by midnight so I set my PS4 in rest mode and went to bed. I got up in the morning to check the file’s progress, at about 7am, and I was still about 3GB shy of having the file fully downloaded. It was pretty common knowledge across the forums that there were a lot of people on all platforms that were having the same issue. With all the users trying to pull down files that large, bottlenecks were bound to happen. Here are a few tips to try to avoid bottlenecks in your contact center ACD.

  • RAM – You really can never have enough RAM on your contact center ACD servers, whether it’s a web server or an Asterisk server; more RAM means the machine can do more and do it faster.
  • Correct Staffing – If your contact center ACD is being flooded with calls and you do not have a proper amount of staff available, calls are going to sit in queue and will continue to bottleneck until the calls get answered or the customer gets irritated and abandons the call.
  • Drive Quality – Disk I/O can potentially be a bottleneck if you have too many calls to process, especially call recordings, or too many concurrent database write operations. Speedy hard drives, whether mechanical or solid state, can almost eliminate these types of hold ups.
The three items mentioned are fairly easy and certainly inexpensive routes to take to ensure that your contact center ACD is not suffering from any avoidable slowdown. Here’s to hoping that the tiny little update that is released on the 15th, to usher in Year 2 with the arrival of The Taken King, goes a lot more favourably for me this time around. I am quite excited that The Taken King is coming for us all.