Big Plays From Big Jays: Contact Center ACD All-Stars

It’s been a very long time, 1993 to be specific, since folks north of the border have been this excited for MLB playoffs. The Toronto Blue Jays are once again playing ball in October, and after a fairly disastrous start culminating in 2 losses at home, they have roared back to win the ALDS 3 games to 2. Game 5 will certainly go down in playoff baseball lore as one of the weirdest and wackiest games, with a 53-minute 7th inning that would make the greatest storytellers blush with jealousy. Stars shine the brightest in the spotlight, and Jose Bautista was the North Star last night, after his mammoth 3-run blast that put the Jays ahead for good. Let’s talk about letting your contact center ACD all-stars shine.

There are two major ways you can get your favourable, high value callers to your best and most qualified agents: Queue priority and skills-based routing.

  • Queue priority – Each inbound contact center ACD queue can be assigned a priority. If you want some of your queues to route calls to agents before any other queues, simply assign a higher priority to those queues and the ACD will send those calls to available agents first.
  • Skills-based routing – Individual agents can be assigned a skill level for any skill that they have assigned to them. Give your best agents higher skill levels in order to route calls to those agents first.
These configuration methods can definitely help with routing important calls to the most capable agents, and customers will certainly appreciate that. I know that on the rare occasion that I’ve needed to call into the contact center ACD, I am a much more satisfied customer if I get routed to the top of the line agent.
I’ll leave this to wrap things up.