Integrating Your Contact Center

Where, oh where, is your agent phone rung?

Do you know where your agents are? What if the agent is a supervisor or key person who may handle some calls, but may also have to move around the building? Your business may be issuing tablets or laptops so that people can work as they move. You don’t want to force them to use their cellphone all the time, or use a headset on their iPad.

The Q-Suite has let you pick your extension device since Q-Suite 4. In Q-Suite 5, the controls for picking a telephone device are right on the call screen. If you were a supervisor sitting at your desk, you could log into the call center ACD via your tablet and be available for calls with the phone sitting in front of you. After awhile, you’re needed in another room. You can “disconnect” from your desk phone, and switch over to your cellphone while you’re in transit. Once you get to the other call floor, you can sit down at an empty agent station, and use that agent’s softphone. Again, just click the button on the agent screen (you remembered your tablet, right?) and select the workstation you’re at. Whe it’s time to go back to your desk, it’s as simple as reversing the process.

Now, you’ve managed to move around your call center without needing to log out of your queues. Obviously this isn’t something you’ll want most of your agents doing, but it is handy for specialized agents in low-volume queues, or supervisors and admins who aren’t expected to handle many calls but who have to be available any time one comes in.

Q-Suite 6 has been designed with making mobility and multiple phone devices as simple as possible. By making it easier to get your top people using the Q-Suite, it becomes easier to monitor and track performance of everyone, including your supervisors and super star personnel. Integration of other operations in your business with your contact center becomes feasible.