It’s Less Stress to Test

You say failure is not an option. So let’s get prepared. Whether you’re deploying your call center in the Cloud or installing your ACD system locally, it’s important to make sure the whole system matches your needs. Testing is crucial. You don’t want to find out that a single Asterisk server was insufficient after logging in 300 agents. We can provide advice and rough guidelines. The sheer number of options available for the platform itself, as well as the number of use cases that Q-Suite allows, mean that it can be impossible to be sure that a specific configuration will be problem free without trying it.

As an example, three way conferences and transfers usually require the MeetMe Asterisk application. Unfortunately, one of its limitations is that it is bound to a single core of your CPU. No matter how many cores are available to your system, you will find audio issues with a large number of such transfers on your system. Another example is a high core count, high memory system with a slow hard drive. No matter how much RAM you put on it, no matter how efficient the software, recording calls will slow things down.

Luckily there is a way to test before you put your agents on the system. Q-Suite includes such features as automatic login via phone and auto wrapup. By creating a set of test users (which itself can be done quite simply using our import functionality), you can have a virtual army of agents logging in, taking calls, downloading the contents of the agent scripts, wrapping up, dispositioning and requesting a new call. Because Q-Suite uses Asterisk for the telephony functionality, there are any number of systems you can use to fire any number of concurrent calls into Asterisk. You can also simulate agent connections this way, or use various SIP platforms that allow you to emulate phone extensions.

The combination of simple-to-use dialplan creation, the flexibility of Asterisk and the power of Q-Suite make it easy to test and re-test multiple scenarios. In this way you can be confident that the system you’ve bought and paid for can handle the load you need it to.