Would You Like PBX Dial Notifications for Incoming Calls? You Can Have Them!

These days, more and more people want to stay in the loop as much as possible. With cell phones being almost a necessity, this statement holds true even more. We all want to be notified in one way or another when something of interest happens, whether it’s a Facebook message or a Twitter DM. Using PBX dial notifications can help keep you in the loop if and when you are on the go and not currently at your PBX extension’s location. I know I’m stepping out of the contact center realm with this PBX-specific topic and that’s ok. Let’s talk about these dial notifications.

PBX dial notifications via are quite simple to setup and enable in the Q-Suite. There’s a checkbox to turn on the feature and then you create your relevant notifications for the PBX extensions that you wish to turn these on for. Simply set an email address and enter the notification message you wish to send to the recipient. Easy as that.

If you’re away from your extension, dial notifications have a few advantages:

  1. You get the notification almost immediately after your extension rings, so you will know who is trying to reach you in a very timely manner.
  2. If you were purely relying on voicemails for notifications, you may not get an email if the calling party terminates the call prior to reaching your inbox.
  3. Even if the caller gets to your inbox they may just hang up anyway, which makes the voicemail notification only as useful as the dial notification.
I’m not saying to ditch voicemail notifications for your extension in favour of dial notifications, but it’s a good feeling to know that you have multiple notification options for your extension while you may be on the move.