Introducing our new API

Still Life of an Electrical Wall Outlet Overloaded with Wires and Cables

As you may have seen already, we’re about to release a major new version of our call centre software. One of the major changes we have made is that we have completely replaced the API for 2nd and 3rd party developers.

As Q-Suite is over 16 years old, technology has evolved along with it. Looking back on old call centre technologies can make us feel nostalgic, but we shouldn’t be feeling nostalgic when looking at our current API set. This is why we decided to replace our multiple API sets with a single one that can be accessed over different technologies.

Our 6.0 API can be accessed over a websocket, REST, or STOMP connection with the same command set. These will replace our .NET libraries, XML over HTTP, and proprietary binary protocol APIs.

As an example, let’s take a look at the API call that’s used to log in. We send the command with the username and password and a unique token for the request.

 "api": "authenticate",
 "version": "1",
 "token": "71c0ac12-9b3a-11e4-9898-74d435e8439b",
 "hostname": "",
 "username": "test",
 "password": "test"

The server then returns the response:

 "api": "authenticate",
 "version": 1,
 "timestamp": "2015-05-20T17:33:10.812Z",
 "microseconds": 90000,
 "token": "71c0ac12-9b3a-11e4-9898-74d435e8439b",
 "success": true,
 "data": {
     "userId": 11,
     "authKey": "19407819-be9b-4fec-9339-d97845019b33"

While we’ll still be supporting our old APIs on our 5.X platform for the time being, we believe the transition to the new one will worthwhile as it will open up many new features and provide a much more consistent way of interfacing with our software.

Vendor lock-in can happen to anyone, even with paper towels

Our landlords have fallen to the vendor lock-in trap with the paper towel dispensers in the washrooms. The paper towel dispensers don’t use normal rolls of paper, they require a proprietary roll that has a plastic peg in the middle of the roll.

For some reason, they are unable to get that specific brand of paper towel and are now having to use an open solution: Continue reading Vendor lock-in can happen to anyone, even with paper towels

Making the case for open data

Dollarphotoclub_38702803-aOpen Data and it’s uses have been making the news lately. Governments are liberating data that tax-payers paid to collect. This trend is creating many opportunities for new business ideas as well as enhancing existing ones. Continue reading Making the case for open data

Philips Hue light bulbs can replace expensive LED wallboards

LED wallboards are expensive. In many cases, mounting a large LCD TV isn’t possible due to load restrictions or viewing angle. In many cases, most of the information on the wallboard isn’t even necessary, the agents just need to know how full the queue is. That can easily be indicated with a colour. LED wallboard systems cost thousands of dollars, a Philips Hue “mood light” kit with three bulbs costs $200. Indosoft’s Q-Suite can drive the lights with a very minimal amount of programming by listening to the event broadcaster. Lights can be programmed separately or tied together so they can be seen by more employees.

There’s a caller in the magenta queue

Continue reading Philips Hue light bulbs can replace expensive LED wallboards

Change your life by integrating Q-Suite and Redmine

We’ve mentioned before that we can integrate Q-Suite with Redmine. We use it quite extensively in our support department. That works really well in making sure issues don’t fall between the cracks. In fact, it works so well, I began to wonder how I could make use of it on the development side.

Once you exclude some of the management requirements, the workflow for developers is actually very similar to our support department. Issues come in from multiple sources, get triaged and then assigned to the individual to be processed. Continue reading Change your life by integrating Q-Suite and Redmine

Protect your Asterisk from patent trolls


There’s a patent troll going after Asterisk users / integrators. The specific patent is related to using DTMF to mute yourself while in a conference. You can apply the following patches to protect yourself. This doesn’t remove the prompt from the menu, but it won’t allow the feature to work, therefore keeping you safe from any extortion attempts.

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Large Call Centers Migrating to Asterisk

Deciding whether to migrate a large call center away from a TDM-based PBX to VoIP-based Asterisk can be difficult. Any site wishing to do that would need to decide whether to go it alone, or use an existing contact center solution. Using an existing solution may cost more upfront, but you’ll have the advantage of not having to develop all the screens and reports yourself.

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Q-Suite’s High Availability SIP Proxy offers load balancing

Large call centers require multiple Asterisk servers in a cluster to handle the call volume. Load balancing will allow distribution of calls within the Asterisk cluster. The High Availability Sip Proxy within Q-Suite is designed to provide load balancing as well. It will distribute the incoming calls to the different Asterisk servers in the cluster which are the media server for voice traffic. Q-Suite’s Call Center ACD can scale to multiple Asterisk servers and manage call queues and distribution, irrespective of the media server associated with the call. This allows Q-Suite to offer skills based routing for large contact centers where the call volume transcends beyond a single server to multiple Asterisk servers. Continue reading Q-Suite’s High Availability SIP Proxy offers load balancing