Cloud Offerings Simplify Call Center Deployment

One of the reasons Asterisk has taken such a large share of the telephony market is the ease of deploying it on commodity hardware with free, Open Source operating systems.  Commoditizing hardware and simplifying its deployment has been a key factor in the widespread adoption of the Cloud as a business concept. This makes the Cloud an ideal target for deployment of Asterisk-based contact center software.  However, requirements such as long-term storage of recordings or data have complicated the picture.  Once again, the Cloud offers a solution.  Services such as Amazon S3 provide a widely-available interface for the long-term storage of recordings while providing easy access when required. Amazon RDS, their database offering, puts the headache of tuning and configuring the database server back in the hands of Amazon.  Continue reading Cloud Offerings Simplify Call Center Deployment

Speech Analytics not a substitute for broken business process

Speech Analytics is now being offered widely as a solution to improve quality of service through contact centers. The recorded conversations are analysed by a software to extract information relating to the product and service. It can also be used to determine service issues related to center agents.

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Email and Trouble-ticket integration for intelligent ACD routing

At Indosoft, we support a range of customers around the world, requiring different levels of technical assistance. Our customer support department is directly manned by experienced technical staff who do everything from installation, setup, feature development, and automation, to handling phone support. Supporting a contact center software gets complicated since VoIP is an important consideration. Typical data and information systems deal will data whereas a contact center solution deals with voice and data.

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Essential Features for ACD Queues

ACD Queues are vital to efficient call distribution in today’s multi-channel contact center operations. It is also important to provide the customer with a good experience while waiting in the Queue. There are a number of essential features for ACD queues that increase productivity and improve customer experience.

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A Cost Effective Next-Generation Contact Center Technology Platform

For most call centers and office ACD systems, the rapid changes in telecommunications technology have brought critical opportunities – opportunities to make significant improvements in productivity while greatly reducing operating costs. Cutting-edge Internet Protocol (IP) based phone and contact center technology platforms have evolved to the point that highly reliable and full-featured systems are available to businesses of all sizes.
The widespread use of VoIP can be seen daily (we are all familiar with the likes of Skype). However, the availability of such high-grade, quality software is not limited to simply placing and receiving calls. Next-generation phone systems and call center ACD software, capable of supporting both TDM and VoIP, is available and is delivering groundbreaking advancements to office phone systems and call centers around the world. Many of these advances are due to the superiority of the telephony platform supporting the next-generation software. For example, the use of Asterisk, the leading powerhouse of IP PBX systems and VoIP gateways, is so pervasive that it can be considered omnipresent. Asterisk has experienced universal acceptance and is a market leader in delivering an enterprise-grade telephony platform at a fraction of the cost compared to the available proprietary telephony systems.
Technology managers now have access to this sophisticated and leading telephony platform for their call centers. It is a great time to evaluate the available contact center technology solutions and to build out a cost effective, sophisticated, next-generation call center technology platform. The right telephony platform with the right call center ACD software will deliver the competitive edge you require.
Any Asterisk Call center software must meet the existing demands placed upon modern call centers. Q-Suite 5.0 from Indosoft, a very high-end call center ACD software solution for Asterisk, delivers the Full-Functionality requirement to call centers. It is feature-rich, scalable, out-of-the-box software that comes with a powerful ACD and predictive dialer. It has detailed reporting capabilities and is bound to satisfy the functional requirements of most advanced call centers. With Q-Suite 5.0, you can switch to Asterisk with the right contact center technology solution and migrate seamlessly to IP telephony. Q-Suite 5.0 offers reliability, required for your daily operations. It offers High Availability, with ability to ensure that you do not loose existing calls due a single failure, and Full-Functionality, the availability of industry standard features comparable to the any of the high-end proprietary peers in the contact center technology domain.
Q-Suite 5.0 provides more than just a full-featured solution. The ease of system management and administration of the product throughout its lifecycle reduces the cost of running the system and substantially reduces ongoing overhead. Interoperability is another benefit inherent to Q-Suite 5.0. Its class of standards-based API allows you to easily support the functioning of existing business applications that utilize tried and true CTI
The paradigm shift in technology has opened an unprecedented opportunity to enhance your call center platform, lower your cost and provide much more functionality. There has been never such an opportunity to compete and grow with industry leaders. In order to take full advantage of what cutting edge technology can deliver, a close analysis of Asterisk and Q-Suite 5.0 should remain central to your search for a next-generation contact center technology platform.
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Queue Prioritization and Skills based routing for contact centers using Asterisk

Inbound contact centers demand sophistication in managing the call routing. Skills based routing, queue prioritization and balanced queues are a few key requirements for every call center software.
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