Managing Your Agents Managing Your Leads

Some call center workflows require that a specific agent handles a particular lead. There can be many reasons why. The biggest reason is a scheduled callback: the client needs a call at another time so they can check with their wife, budget for the purchase, or any of a million other reasons. Sometimes leads are assigned from a pool, and agents are expected to work them to completion. Sometimes there’s a complicated process that kicks off from the start of the contact to completion. A mortgage application, installation of a service onsite, or similar circumstances can require a back and forth with an agent who can maintain the file until resolution. Continue reading Managing Your Agents Managing Your Leads

Getting the Message Out to Your Agents

Letting your agents know about changes, or informing specific agents of some detail or other, is an important part of running an effective call center. Some call centers will use a third-party server like Jabber and install clients on the agent desktop. Managing the logins, ensuring all agents get their messages, and verifying receipt can be a bit of a challenge. Continue reading Getting the Message Out to Your Agents

Agent Desktop Showdown

It’s been a few weeks since Windows 10 was unleashed on the world. So far there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus whether it’s a must-have or not. Whatever the case, it’s got people thinking Microsoft again. Since we talked about agent desktops last week, it seems like a good time to continue the discussion in regards to operating systems. Continue reading Agent Desktop Showdown

Spec Out Your Infrastructure Properly

Sometimes you see businesses overspend for one part of their infrastructure, leaving the rest to suffer. Sometimes the importance of a particular component isn’t recognized until it’s too late. We’ve seen it happen over and over again. I’m here today to tell you that your agent desktops are important. Scrimping too much there can leave your agents waiting around and inefficient. Continue reading Spec Out Your Infrastructure Properly

Take What You Do, Be Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wasn’t the best software developer. He also wasn’t a world-class designer. But when he combined software with design, he created something world class. You may have a CRM, or agent interface, that you’ve invested a lot into. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine it with call center technology to create something better? Continue reading Take What You Do, Be Like Steve Jobs

Schedule the Sale

Callbacks can be a great way to give that last push to get your sale. Callbacks can also drain the performance (and profitability) of your call center. For such an important tool, they can be woefully misunderstood. Your call center software likely has a number of settings surrounding callbacks. Make sure you understand what your agents are doing with their callbacks.

There are two primary types of scheduled callbacks: Continue reading Schedule the Sale

Don’t Fumble The Handoff

Few things bother people more than having to repeat information they’ve already provided. It wastes their time, and they know it’s wasting the agent’s time, too. So why do call centers let this happen? It’s understandable if you’re calling into a PBX system and the call recipient can’t do a transfer correctly, but it’s something that can be avoided in the call center. Continue reading Don’t Fumble The Handoff

Save Money, Do More With Asterisk-based Call Center Software

You can no longer doubt that Asterisk is here to stay in the telecommunications world. Over the last decade, the rate of adoption has been skyrocketing. Call centers are no longer complaining about Asterisk-based solutions, or worrying about having to have an Asterisk expert on-hand. With Asterisk providing a platform for contact center ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) solutions to sit on, you can transition from a legacy system to one built on readily available and mature software. Continue reading Save Money, Do More With Asterisk-based Call Center Software

Is Anybody There? Logging Agents Out of Your Call Center Software

Agent behaviour isn’t always perfectly aligned with the needs of the call center. An example of this is agent logout from the call center software. This is something that comes up from time to time. How do we make sure that agents who are logged in are actually available and working, and that agents who have gone for the day are logged out? Continue reading Is Anybody There? Logging Agents Out of Your Call Center Software