Who Watches the Watchdog?

You depend on your phones to keep your business going, and Asterisk to keep your phones running. Who watches over Asterisk? To keep your Asterisk deployment running, you need a watchdog to monitor it, and an overseer that can switch services from one server to another when trouble strikes. Continue reading Who Watches the Watchdog?

Handle More Calls With Asterisk, But Only If You’re Careful

You always want to get the most out of your investment. Push the limits of what your server can do to get the most out of it. Asterisk gives you a great way to get a lot of calls through a single server, but sometimes people wonder why they’re hitting a limit that’s lower than others get. Sometimes it’s just a matter of bandwidth. Sometimes it’s inefficient codec usage. Overuse of an application with a flaw (such as MeetMe) can cause performance issues. Very often, it’s the Asterisk call recordings that are to blame. If you’re very, very careful, there are ways to do better with your recordings. If you’re not careful, disaster and disarray await. Continue reading Handle More Calls With Asterisk, But Only If You’re Careful

Mixing Your Recordings Your Way With Asterisk

Quality Assurance with Asterisk AudioUsing the Asterisk Monitor application is a great way to record your calls. Sometimes, though, you have specific requirements for how the recordings are mixed, processed, or otherwise handled. Asterisk does give you a way to do this. An example that came up recently was that the Q/A department needed to be able to distinguish the two sides of the call. By default, Monitor records both the inbound and outbound audio, then mixes the two channels together into a mono recording. If the caller and call center agent had similar voices, this was tough to do. If there were audio or voice problems, it would be hard to tell which side was having the issue. They were looking for a way to have their call center software for Asterisk do this. Continue reading Mixing Your Recordings Your Way With Asterisk