Visual Tool for Building Sophisticated IVR

In an inbound contact center, calls coming into every DID (or DDI as it is referred in Europe) will typically flow through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) into the ACD for call routing and distribution. A visual tool greatly simplifies the task of building this IVR especially if it is a sophisticated multi-level IVR.

Asterisk, the a game changing hybrid PBX, comes with a customizable Diaplan that allows control over all facets of inbound and outbound calling. Dialplan, an important functional component within Asterisk, offers an internal mechanism and tool  to introduce, modify and control call-flow through it rich syntax.

Call center solutions for Asterisk will require a full-function ACD to provide essential features like skills based routing, queue prioritization, queue callback, supervisor dashboards, real-time and historical reporting. Larger contact center ACD additionally scale to multiple Asterisk servers in a cluster to handle the maximum concurrent call volume. In this call-flow, the calls will go through an IVR to flow into the different queues of the ACD for skills based routing.

Q-Suite offers a  visual tool for the customers to develop effective and powerful Interactive Voice Response systems. Its Visual Diaplan Builder comes with a large library of functions within an intuitive GUI tool to build call-flows for effective call handling and distribution. This includes the functionality available from the Asterisk Dialaplan as well as the rich call distribution functionality of the ACD. It can be further enhanced with libraries for TTS (Text to Speech) and ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition).

Contact Center ACD for managing Asterisk Clusters

High concurrent call volume in large call centers can easily exceed the capacity of a single Asterisk server. The upper limit on the call processing capability of Asterisk is influenced by many factors including “codec” conversions and enabling call recording. For very large call volume, the contact center ACD will require multiple Asterisk servers setup in a cluster to handle the maximum concurrent calls. There are a two important considerations for a clustered Asterisk setup.

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