VoIP – Bandwidth, Codec and Voice Quality

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has established itself as a dominant force in telecommunications. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the application layer for creating and controlling the calls and the voice is governed by RTP (Real Time Transport). When we are setting up a contact center or converting to VoIP, we want to know how to take advantage of the VoIP without getting into the pit falls of the technology.

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Bonded T1 – Will it hurt TDM PRI board sales?

I notice a trend with businesses using Asterisk PBX. They are starting to opt for exclusive bonded T1 from their ISPs (or IPSPs) with SIP terminations for voice. This is in conjunction with separate bandwidth for data. Being in the same back plane of the termination provider and captive bandwidth to the termination provider does help VoIP call quality. The price of the bonded T1 does not seem any cheaper than ISDN PRI T1. The bonded T1 approach to SIP trunking dispenses the use of Digium or Sangoma TDM boards. Will this trend pose a serious problem to the volume of board sales in future? I hope this is not the case. After all, these TDM boards are what made Asterisk shine in the early days.