Are You Recycling Your Leads Correctly?

Have you ever gotten a call from a call center, then gotten another call from the same number 5 minutes later? Maybe you were screening your calls, or you saw the caller ID come in while you were on the other line. Anyway, super annoying. Chances are that you weren’t too happy. Did their call center software break? Did they have you in their list multiple times? Or are they straight up incompetent? It doesn’t matter. They upset you. Continue reading Are You Recycling Your Leads Correctly?

Four Keys to Getting Accurate Dispositions

Some agents are meticulous about choosing the right disposition code for a call. Some aren’t so choosy, and will click the first thing that lets them finish the call. Assuming you have a way to train those latter agents, you do want to make it easier for the former agents to pick the right disposition without having to spend too much time focussing on the options. Continue reading Four Keys to Getting Accurate Dispositions

Agent Desktop Showdown

It’s been a few weeks since Windows 10 was unleashed on the world. So far there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus whether it’s a must-have or not. Whatever the case, it’s got people thinking Microsoft again. Since we talked about agent desktops last week, it seems like a good time to continue the discussion in regards to operating systems. Continue reading Agent Desktop Showdown