Your Call Center MVP

Your MVP has been a topic of discussion in startups and small business for a few years now. The phrase usually means “minimum viable product” – the smallest set of features and functionality that can get you off the ground and have customers buying your product. There’s an MVP for your call center as well. Continue reading Your Call Center MVP

Decision 2015: Call Center in the Cloud?

In Decision 2015: On-Premise Call Center? we looked at some of the trade-offs with on-premise call center solutions. At one time on-premise was the only viable solution, but in the last few years the march to Cloud solutions has had the momentum. Continue reading Decision 2015: Call Center in the Cloud?

Cloud Offerings Simplify Call Center Deployment

One of the reasons Asterisk has taken such a large share of the telephony market is the ease of deploying it on commodity hardware with free, Open Source operating systems.  Commoditizing hardware and simplifying its deployment has been a key factor in the widespread adoption of the Cloud as a business concept. This makes the Cloud an ideal target for deployment of Asterisk-based contact center software.  However, requirements such as long-term storage of recordings or data have complicated the picture.  Once again, the Cloud offers a solution.  Services such as Amazon S3 provide a widely-available interface for the long-term storage of recordings while providing easy access when required. Amazon RDS, their database offering, puts the headache of tuning and configuring the database server back in the hands of Amazon.  Continue reading Cloud Offerings Simplify Call Center Deployment

Convergence of Dialers, Cloud Setup and CRM Integration

Quite an interesting phenomenon is unfolding with the convergence of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Cloud Setup and Dialer technology. As we all know, CRM is the heartbeat of any sales team. CRM software provides significant edge for sales operation to scale. Similarly Web and IP connectivity form the information superhighway connecting all the major data centers around the globe in this phenomenon called “Cloud”. This is seen in the growth and availability of reliable Data Centers around the world. Phone service is more important than ever because of the proliferation of Web and Online business that has changed the way commerce is carried out. Because of this, Dialers have become the engine for driving for customer contact.

Continue reading Convergence of Dialers, Cloud Setup and CRM Integration

Customer contact centers in Cloud

Cloud is well known now. Considering the fact that Cloud used to called Co-location sites or data centers, what is different about it now? Well, the infrastructure and bandwidth has become more powerful and reliable, at the same time less inexpensive. Also “Cloud” is a neat single word to explain it all nicely.

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