Connecting Call Center Agents

It looks like there’s a common theme running through recent blog posts. At the Indosoft blog this week, I wrote “Remote Agents in the Modern Call Center” discussing connecting at-home and remote groups of agents to a call center.  This seems like an obvious expansion of the Cloud to call center concept.

I had originally considered talking about connection methods in my post, but at the last moment cut it out as not being as important. That is a topic that was covered last Friday by Shaun, who wrote “Connecting Agents to the Call Center ACD” which talks about the types of devices an agent can use to connect in.

A couple of weeks ago, Brian wrote “Agent Connections With an ACD System” which discussed on-hook and off-hook agent connections, as well as VoIP vs. dial in or dial out connections for agent phones.  Between all three posts, I believe the topic of connecting agents to a call center is pretty well covered.