Call Center Software for Cloud Infrastructure

There is growing company demand for services in the Cloud or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. It is driven by the lower start-up cost, on-demand growth and the availability of good quality infrastructure. More importantly, the shared service components lower the overall cost of technology management. Contact Centers are no exception and there is a growing demand for Cloud based contact center services driven by the availability of multi-tenant call center software.

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ACD and Dialer Integration to CRM


CRM Software offering real-time insight into lead and contact management has become a critical component of modern Sales and Marketing. Most organizations use popular CRM like Saleforce or Microsoft Dynamics or custom developed CRM application. These are either hosted in the Cloud and SaaS based or, custom developed Applications hosted internally in-premise.

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Delivering more performance at lower cost with Asterisk based ContactCenters

Contact Centers are the backbone of modern web driven commerce. They handle more and more complex transactions from multiple channels and are expected to deliver higher performance at lower cost. Modern contact centers are being stretched with technology demands that require them to handle multiple channels like Voice, E-Mail, Chat and Social Media seamlessly. The economic pressures to lower cost of operation and increase productivity is ever increasing. This presents a game changing opportunity to introduce an Asterisk based contact center platform, take advantage of its incredibly flexible next generation architecture and increase performance and lower overall cost.

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Building a Cloud Contact Center using Asterisk

Technological innovations are driving growth and productivity in the contact center industry and  one way to tap into the technology advancement is by building out a cost effective Cloud Contact Center with Asterisk as the PBX. Cloud setup in a reliable data center provides instant scalability and does away with the need for large capital investment and capacity planning. Availability of reliable infrastructure and bandwidth at reasonable cost and the option choosing VoIP and SIP for Telco connectivity are added reasons.

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Dialer for Asterisk

There is a lot of excitement regarding Asterisk, the leading hybrid telephony switch. But what makes Asterisk so uniquely beneficial as a contact center technology platform? For starters, the underlying telephony switch is usually a large portion of the initial cost when buying a packaged proprietary contact center solution. Asterisk, on the other hand, delivers a proven, open source, next-generation switch that has been tested and implemented by millions of users. Therefore, a call center technology platform that utilizes Asterisk is capable of delivering an immediate cost savings.

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