Who Watches the Watchdog?

You depend on your phones to keep your business going, and Asterisk to keep your phones running. Who watches over Asterisk? To keep your Asterisk deployment running, you need a watchdog to monitor it, and an overseer that can switch services from one server to another when trouble strikes. Continue reading Who Watches the Watchdog?

High Availability for Large Asterisk based contact centers

Cloud based call center software cater to very large systems. Asterisk is by far the most widely used telephony platform. As a natural evolution, the use of Asterisk in both Cloud and large premise based installations have come a long way. Technology for call center software is to some extent driven by the ‘assemble and build’ mode where various accessory technology element available in software form come together to deliver the final solution. Call center software depends on the underlying PBX technology and other technologies for web, database, SIP, and redundancy. Continue reading High Availability for Large Asterisk based contact centers