Manage Your Servers Before They Manage Your Call Center

Every call center has to face a tradeoff between having enough capacity to keep clients happy and keeping their costs down.

This is one of the big reasons for widespread Cloud adoption. You can get the resources you need when you need them, paying only for what you use.

Q-Suite is unique in offering an Asterisk-based system with queues that span multiple servers. This means Q-Suite can scale from very small deployments to Enterprise levels.

What about off-season, though? What about quiet times of the day or week? You don’t need to have all that capacity running, costing you money, when there aren’t that many calls. Continue reading Manage Your Servers Before They Manage Your Call Center

How to Scale Asterisk Over Multiple Servers

Scaling your Asterisk PBX can be complicated. It’s hard to get more than one Asterisk server acting as a single PBX. A call comes in, and you want it to go where it’s supposed to go. But it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to get your installation to do what you want.

Take a look at the typical setup, where you have two Asterisk servers, with a trunk between them: Continue reading How to Scale Asterisk Over Multiple Servers

Integrating Your Contact Center

Where, oh where, is your agent phone rung?

Do you know where your agents are? What if the agent is a supervisor or key person who may handle some calls, but may also have to move around the building? Your business may be issuing tablets or laptops so that people can work as they move. You don’t want to force them to use their cellphone all the time, or use a headset on their iPad. Continue reading Integrating Your Contact Center

Sharing the Load

The history of the World Wide Web is the story of server-side versus client-side software. When things started to get going, the Web was largely a set of static files that were served up from the server. The browser displayed those files in as presentable manner as possible, but didn’t do any extra processing on its own that wasn’t part of the rendering process. Dynamic content was animated GIF files and the <blink> tag. Continue reading Sharing the Load

Remote Agents in the Modern Call Center

Years into the VoIP revolution, call center managers are recognising that it’s not necessary, or even desirable, to have all their agents located in a single location. High speed Internet access is nigh ubiquitous, allowing the modern call center floor to be distributed over multiple locations. It’s no wonder that call centers have experimented with home-based and remote agents; it’s like having a location of one. If the center is already leveraging the multi-site capabilities of its call center software, the ability should exist to include additional single-user locations. Continue reading Remote Agents in the Modern Call Center

Architect your Asterisk based multi-site call centers

Settling on Asterisk as the telephony platform for call centers is a no brainer. It is by far the most flexible and powerful PBX available and is supported by Digium and the open source community at large. Its features are so overwhelming that spending top dollars to acquire any other telephony platform with limitations is not the way forward. Continue reading Architect your Asterisk based multi-site call centers