Call Transfers in the Call Center ACD

The need to transfer calls is an inevitable use case in the workflows of almost every contact center ACD. Whether it’s a transfer to an external entity, a different internal department, or to a supervisor, transfers do not necessarily follow the same pattern given the scenario. Let’s talk about the 3 major types of transfers that can be configured in the Q-Suite. Continue reading Call Transfers in the Call Center ACD

Visual Call Flow Designer

Call flow management influences the efficiency of service delivery through the voice portal of an inbound contact center. Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) are an important sub-set that open up opportunity for self-service and automation within an multi-channel contact center center operation. A visual call flow designer is a graphical tool to build work-flows for interaction with the caller, perform automated tasks, make decisions on branching based on customer input, and dictate the routing. A sophisticated contact center software will include a call flow building tool with a web Graphical User Interface (GUI) designer capable of drag and drop flow management with revision control.

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